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Sex Offender Sentenced To

23 Years In Prison


AMERICAN  Former  Film  Producer  And  SEX  OFFENDER 

Sentenced To  23  YEARS  In  PRISON


19th  March  1952  -  11th  March  2020

24,829  Total  Days

His Countdown Started  inclusive  of his  65th biblical birthday...That means  65 x 360 = 23,400

Now take  23,400  from  24,829 = 1,429  Then because it is an  inclusive  You  add  that  1 day  back on

HARVEY  WEINSTEIN...Was sentenced 1,430 days inclusive of his  65th biblical birthday = 430 + 1,000 

American Actress  Jennifer Lawrence  Marries  Cooke Maroney Saturday  19th October 2019

Known For Her Role As  Katniss Everdeen 

 In The  HUNGER GAMES  Film Series

JENNIFER  LAWRENCE...Marries  COOKE  MARONEY  430  days  from  her  28th birthday =  430

​15th  August  2018  -  19th  October  2019

Please Note:​ Today 13th June 2019  The Lord put on My Heart to place Bill Gates and his Wife Melinda on My Website...Today is My 62nd Biblical Birthday...Hadassah :)

American Business Magnate, Investor, Author ,Philanthropist And  Humanitarian​

 BILL GATES  Principal Founder  Of  Microsoft Corporation 

BILL  GATES...Marries  MELINDA GATES  430  days  from  his  37th birthday = 430

​28th  October  1992  -  1st  January  1994


MELINDA  GATES...Marries  BILL GATES  1,600  days  from  her  25th birthday = 600 + 1,000

15th  August  1989  -  1st  January  1994

NEW ​ Jennifer Lawrence




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Jennifer Lawrence

Marries Cooke Maroney

430  Page 4

Soviet  And  Russian Film  And  Theater  Actor

Best Known For  Roles  In  Films  The Gadfly And  The Invisible Man

ANDREY  KHARITONOV...Dies  1,430  days  inclusive  of his  56th  birthday = 430 + 1,000

25th  July  2015  inclusive  -  23rd  June  2019