18th  March  1949  -  25th  August  1969

LUCILLE'S...  Total  days  lived  =  7,465

LUCILLE...Dies  1,345  days  from   her  17th   biblical   birthday  This  means  17 x 360   Which   =  6,120

Now  take  6,120  from  7,465  This  =  1,345

You  can  refer  to  My  Book   Page 17   for  which  "Biblical   Prime   Number"s   to  The  Hadassah  Code

 are  in   Lucille's  Code

All  You  have  to  do  is  Add together  the  First  Number  displayed  with  the  Second  Number  displayed  and  so  on  until   You  also  add  the   Fifth,  Eighth,  Ninth,  and  Tenth  Numbers  displayed

( 1st - 2nd -  5th - 8th - 9th -  10th  )

This  will  add  up  to  1,345







18th  March  1949  -  25th  August  1969

LUCILLE...Dies  4,178  days  from  her  9th  birthday  solar

18th  March  1958  -  25th  August  1969


You  can  refer  to  My  Book  Page 17  for  which  "Biblical  Prime  Numbers"  to  The  Hadassah  Code

are in   Lucille's  Code

All  You  have  to  do  is  Add together  the  First  Number  displayed with the  Second  Number  displayed  and so  on  until   You  also  add  the  Fourth, Fifth,  Sixth, Seventh,  Eleventh,  Twelfth , and  Thirteenth  Numbers displayed

( 1st - 2nd - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th -  11th -  12th -  13th )

This  will  add  up  to  4,178



As  You  can  see  above  NATALIE...  Dies  3,053  days  from  her  35th  birthday  (solar)

Well  as  her  CODE  was  COUNTING  DOWN  

She  came  to a date which  was  10th  February  1978

Well  that  date  was  her  husband  ROBERT  WAGNER'S  48th  birthday  (solar)

So  from  Natalie's  35th  birthday  -  Her  husband  Robert's  48th  birthday  =   1,666  days

20th  July  1973  -  10th  February  1978

Then they both continued to count down  untill  NATALIE'S  death  date  28th  November  1981

 Which  Completed Her Code  3,053


NATALIE...Dies  3,053  days  from  her  35th  birthday

20th  July  1973  -  28th  November  1981

As I have not placed all the  "Biblical  Prime  Numbers"  to  The  Hadassah  Code  on  My  Website

You  can  refer  to  My  Book  Page  17  for  NATALIE'S  CODE

There  You  will  see  the  Biblical  Prime  Numbers  Displayed

​All  You  have  to  do  is  Add together  the  Third  Number  Displayed  with  the  Eleventh  Number Displayed and so on untill  Youadd  the  Twelth  and  Thirteen  Number  Displayed  also

( 3rd - 11th - 12th - 13th )  This  will  add  up  to  3,053

My  first example will  be   NATALIE  WOOD 

  If  You  go  to  her  Wiki Page  It states that she died on the  29th  November  1981​

But  Just because she was found dead on that date   THAT  does  not  mean  she died on that date !

I have THREE CODES  for  Natalie... 

But they are all  to the day before...Which is the  28th  Nov  1981

​Here is one of  Natalie's  CODES  Below...


 Over a period of time I will  place some examples here of people who  do  not   have a CODE to the date that has been recorded  as their death date

But instead  I will give  " THEIR  CODE  DATE "   Which to Me... This is More Accurate 

​Just because a person is found dead on a day That does not mean they died on that day !

F O R E N S I C S 


T H E   H A D A S S A H   C O D E 

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Forensics is definitely an area that I am interested in...

 I was interested in Sage Stallone forensically ...Sylvester Stallone's son

Sage was not seen by His friends or family for approximately one week leading up to when He was found

dead on the 13th July 2012... Which  I did not find any Code to...

So I set out to establish what the date was by finding the Code...Which I did !