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British Backpacker  GRACE MILLANE

Murdered In  New Zealand  1st December 2018 

 A  Day Before  Her  22nd Birthday  2nd December 2018

​GRACE  MILLANE...Was  Murdered  1,096  days  inclusive  of her  19th  birthday = 430 + 666

2nd  December   2015  inclusive -  1st  December  2018

​​​​​Former  President  Of The  United States


12th  June  1924  - 30th  November  2018

34,504  Total Days Lived

His Countdown Started  from  his 91st  biblical birthday...That means  91x360 = 32,760

Now take  32,760  from  34,504 = 1,744

GEORGE H.W.BUSH...Dies 1,744  days  from  his  91st  biblical birthday = 430 + 314 + 1,000

Please Note:

Assuming Office To Leaving Office 

20th  January  1989  -  20th  January  1993

He also dies  314  days  from  the 29th  Anniversary  of  Assuming  Office = 314

20th January 2018 - 30th  November  2018 

 And  314  days  from  the  25th Anniversary of  Leaving Office = 314

20th  January 2018  -  30th  November  2018

Also His Son  GEORGE W.BUSH  To His  Father'sDeath

GEORGE W.BUSH...To his Father's death  was  1,973 days  from  his  67th birthday = 127 + 180 + 666 + 1,000

6th  July  2013  -  30th  November  2018

Please also Note: I haven't done an in-depth study on this Subject /Family 

I can't do every one because it does take time

... I do have So Many Very Interesting People but I just can't physically put them all on My Website...But Lord willing I am going to be putting up a couple of subjects soon That I have been pondering on for a while...Hadassah :) 

American  Adventure, Preacher, MISSIONARY  JOHN ALLEN CHAU

Was Killed  In India  By The Sentinelese Tribe

"Please do not be angry at them or at God if I get killed" John Allen Chau

Please Note: At this time there are two different dates reported of when Chau was killed

The Code will be the same...It is just a question of ...If it is  an inclusive  or  from  his birthday

JOHN  ALLEN  CHAU...Dies  1,430  days  inclusive  or  from  his  23rd  birthday = 430 + 1000

18th  December  2014  -  16th  or  17th  November  2018




British  Backpacker