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​Hadassah  At  Home  Celebrating  Her  Websites  1st  Year  Anniversary  :)

Hadassah   11th   May   2016

This  picture  shows  some  of  the  media  that  advertised  Hadassah's   book ... 

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US  Press  Release  News  Wire

23rd  January  2014

Josephs  getting  his  head  around  seeing  the  Codes  applied  to  the  different  subjects..... Fascinating !

Kerri was very  excited  to  get  her  book and  also  a  book  for  her  relative   Ken Ham   Ken  Ham  is   The  President  Of   "Answers In Genesis "


Sold her first book to Dale who was a bit to shy to be in the photo !

 Once Elijah  had removed  the yellow covers from the Time Line  Visual Aid  this revealed  the   "Biblical  Prime  Numbers"

 Hadassah  then  gave  some  examples  from  her  book   showing  how  in  chronological order   

she applied  them  to  the  different  subjects

Hannah  imitating Noah         giving  Elijah  some  tips...

This is how its done :)

Hannah's  definitely  a  natural  as  she ventured  along  the  Time Line  bringing the Time Line Visual Aid  to Life... Nice touch !

Hannah   doing  her  take on the   "The Hidden Code"                   Which is explained  in  Chapter  1     of  Hadassah's  book

Elijah... Explaining the Origins of  the  "Biblical  Prime  Numbers"  to  The Hadassah Code  Using a  Time Line  Visual Aid

Book   Launch   Day

1st   December   2012

   Book Published      10th  November  2012

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